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Our team, current projects, and domains of interest are all influenced heavily by the core values of our lab and the unique skills that we cultivate through lab involvement. 

Core Lab Values

Racial Justice

We are committed to recognizing and dismantling systemic racism to ensure that all individuals are treated equitably and have equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness within research and community.

Collective Wellness

Individual wellness is intertwined with the wellness of others in our community. Thus by nurturing the health and happiness of one another, we foster a commitment to shared growth and community support.


We recognize the importance of fostering an atmosphere where individuals can find solace, growth, and restoration, promoting personal and collective healing within our lab and broader community.

Health Equity

We strive for fairness in health outcomes for everyone and address health disparities, particularly among minoritized ethnoracial groups and women, by identifying intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic barriers to health and wellness.

Strengths-Based Approach

Research often operates from a deficit-based approach, meaning that people and organizations are seen for what they lack rather than what they possess. A strengths-based approach harnesses the unique strengths and talents of the individuals, communities, and organizations with whom we work.  


We aim to drive meaningful change by examining and transforming the underlying systems and structures that perpetuate inequalities, focusing on sustainable improvements at a systemic level.


At our core we are advocates. We seek not only to study the world around us, but also to apply our research to drive societal transformation through practice and policy. 

Specialty Lab Skills

Program Implementation

We support the inception and execution of social and healthcare programs. Key to this skill is technical assistance, a capacity building strategy widely used to support evidence-based practices to advance community outcomes.

Evaluation and Assessment

Delving into the details is our forte. We dive deep to uncover what's effective and what needs refining. Our expertise in evaluation drives continuous quality improvement for sustainable outcomes.

Mixed-Methods Research

We're all about marrying diverse research approaches to get a comprehensive view. Our methods integrate numbers and narratives to provide nuanced insights that enrich understanding and drive effective solutions.

Participatory Action Research

We strive to center and amplify community voices throughout the research process. Grounded in the principles of community psychology, we pursue co-constructed knowledge and ensure our research is not on communities but with them. 

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We thrive at the intersection of disciplines, such as public health, community psychology, nursing, public policy, and clinical psychology. Our team brings diverse viewpoints together, infusing creativity into problem-solving and generating holistic solutions.

Organizational Change

Our members specialize in driving transformational change within organizations to increase the likelihood of getting to outcomes.

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