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Community Psychology:  Seven Core Values

Someone asked me to explain, “What is Community Psychology?”

I said, “It’s complex, but you’ll get it just follow me.

It is about prevention and also intervention

There are seven core values.

Listen close. I will list’em


The first is Individual and family wellness

If you’re thinkin what’s that, I’ll tell ya Well its-

Exactly how it sounds, overall well-being

Of the mind, body, and soul of every human being

For each and every family on God’s green earth

No matter who you are ‘cause we’re so diverse


Respect the Diversity. Appreciate the difference

We’ll have to work together if we’re ever gonna win this

Constant fight for social justice

(Procedural and distributive)

Quit lettin the man fuck us


Disperse the wealth and share the love

This could prevent war when push comes to shove


Build a sense of community and connect with your peers

Find a common goal and overcome your fears

To achieve empowerment we need participation

No one stands alone. The key is collaboration


What is your strength? Bring it to the table

Put willingness back into those who feel unable


It will come time to put change into action

Research first. Don’t half-ass it

When you’re building a house you don’t start pounding

You work from a model. That’s empirical grounding




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